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About Tishbyte

Data driven solutions for real world applications

About Us
Our founders began their analytics paths as combat officers on deployments overseas.

While it is expected that there will be times where situations must be made in the absence of information, technology quickly provided a new problem on the battlefield; having more information than you know what to do with, and not having the proper amount of time to absorb the information given known approaches. Our founders found themselves in personally adverse situations that was more than enough encouragement to innovate new approaches to data generation, collection and standardization, aggregation, analysis and finally operationalization. These techniques were found to be critical to the efforts.

Upon returning to civilian life, our founders began working a niche in private business and corporate markets leveraging these same skills. Leveraging educational benefits, our founders added to their real-world application expertise formal educations in statistics, econometrics, operations research, and data science.

What began as a few ad hoc analytical jobs for investment groups, naturally organized into providing strategic management solutions for medium and enterprise level firms across industries.

A minority owned, service-disabled veteran owned business.

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